* Polar Relief

Deep cooling relief, advanced action with menthol, aloe vera, wintergreen, eucalyptus extract, peppermint extract, and lavender extract. This anti-inflammatory aids in relieving strains, cramps and bruising. Helps reduce swelling, stimulates skin circulation, tones and soothes all while moisturizing.

* Arnica & Ivy

Botanical anti-oxidant formula includes Arnica and Ivy extracts. Aloe vera, almond oil, kukui nut, and vitamin E. Aids skin in circulation, removes unwanted cells, promotes healing and smooth skin. Protects delicate skin from drying out and preserves natural properties.

* Cocoa Comfort

Natural and light and versatile. Advanced moisturizer contains cocoa butter, advacado, soy oil, and aloe vera. Restores skin, softens and soothes, maintains skins balance, promotes healing with lasting anti-oxidants.

* Maximum Sport

Muscle and joint relief. Inflammation and pain relief formula contains glucosamine sulfate, arnica, boswellia, devil’s claw, and balsam peru oil. Aids damaged cartilage, cells and tissue. Improves circulation, reduces inflammation, supports joint health and mobility. Provides muscle relief, tendon and ligament pain all while naturaly warming stimulation acts as an antiseptic.

* Botanical Relaxation

Certified organic botanicals reduce tension, ease stress, and promotes relaxation with the help of organic lavender, passion flower, melissa lemon. balm, and chamomile. Helps slow the nervous system, reduces tension, anxiety and insomnia. Anti-viral herbs calm nerves and alleviate stress.

* Hydration

Quenching therapy with extreme moisture from African shea butter, jojoba, advacado, peach oil and sunflower oil. Protects and smoothes your skin with the enhancing nutrients. Long lasting moisture with extraordinary results. Ideal for deep tissue work.

* Replenish

Smoothing butter with wheat and apricot amino acids and beta glucan. Along with shea butter, jojoba, avocado, peach and sunflower oil. Protects skin while helping to retain moisture adding nutrition to the all while tones and softens.